Friday, October 22, 2010

Repeating Angel Numbers - 8's and 3's (8833, 8383, 88833 etc)

The repeating 8 and 3 combinations are a message from the Ascended Masters to keep going along on your current path.  They are sending you a boost of energy at this time to assist you in keeping up the momentum.

The 8 and 3 combination asks you to use your creativity in a constructive and productive manner.

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  1. I used to see 2and 4 especially 224 for years. Never knew what it meant.
    I lost my job one year ago but lately started seeing 5s , 3s in all combinations also at the same time 11:11.
    About two weeks ago I started seeing 8s &3s.
    Honestly I have not followed any of these sequences to date.

  2. Are 8&3's related to 2&4 or 124? I keep seeing 24 in any combination with 1 and now I have started seeing 8&3 or 8838.

  3. Literally same. Been noticing 224 constantly in my life very suddenly and now 3 and 8 seem to have formed some kind of meaning and succession in dreams . Weird it is so similar

  4. The word count on the document I'm working on came up as 8383! Had to look it up. <3